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The Team

Pearson Financial Services was founded over 40 years ago by Seth M. Pearson.

He was a pioneer in the field of Financial Planning, being one of the first 900 Certified Financial Planners (CFPTM), whose ranks now number nearly 100,000.

As a result of his concern with the impact of multiple agendas between uncoordinated professionals, he structured PFS into a "Family Office" format, offering Investment Advice, Tax Expertise and Estate Planning with a network of trusted professionals.

Each of these disciplines is committed to a long range, tax efficient, cost effective and coordinated financial plan in the best interest of each client and their family.

Pearson Financial Services

Bryan Bastoni, Certified Financial Planner

Kathleen Fowler, JD

Coral Murphy - Operations Manager

Andrew Fowler - Account Services

Debra Pierce - Account Services

Scott Schwenderman - Account Services

Investment Advisor Representatives:

Bryan W. Bastoni, CFP, Certified Financial Planner, TM

Christopher Dupee, CPA

William Lord, CFA

John W. Ward, MA, MBA

Louis Beaulieu, ChFC, CTFA, AEP

Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler

Kathleen Fowler, JD - Estate Planning Attorney

William Lord, CFA - Estate Administrator

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