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Seth's Book

Wealth inherited using a Dynasty Trust’s tax-skipping exemption is far more valuable than money inherited outright by your heirs.

One easy addition to your will and trust can parlay your assets into a tax-wise legacy. You have spent a lifetime accumulating wealth for your retirement and to pass on to your family. What should you do now to protect your wealth? Chances are you are not doing everything you can to shelter your assets from tax and liability – even if you have a financial advisor.

Because of current tax laws, a dynasty trust is the greatest opportunity ever offered the American family to shelter assets from estate taxes forever. However, if you don’t use the new $5,340,000 tax skipping exemption, you lose it.

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"I did read your fine book and agree with virtually all of your ideas."
John C. Bogle
Creator of the index fund, founder of the largest mutual fund company in the world with over $2.2 trillion invested and named by Time Magazine as the 100 most powerful and influential people.

"I really enjoyed reading your book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in ensuring that their hard-earned savings continue to benefit their family for years to come. Who wouldn't want to keep more with the family - or even their favorite charity - rather than pay higher legal fees and taxes?"
J. Thomas Bradley, Jr.
President, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“I finished reading your book last night and I am absolutely, positively impressed with it!”
Ray Fontaine
Lead Donor, Fontaine Medical Center

In “The Five Million Dollar Gift”, Seth Pearson, CFP, Dennis, Mass, Cape Cod, will show you what is wrong with traditional trust design and why your advisors may have ignored this simple solution. The quality of advice and planning is normally sub par because professionals, isolated from one another, rarely coordinate their efforts to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

The book will provide clarity and peace-of-mind for the non-financial surviving spouse when he or she may need it the most.

You will learn why there is only one best way to protect and pass on your wealth. In the end, the art and science of estate planning should lead to simple steps that are easy to follow and understand. You will learn the best way to leave assets for your loved ones - a way that is protected from taxes, lawsuits, probate, divorce and mismanagement.

This is a must read guide for everyone who plans to protect their family’s long term wealth while maintaining complete control.

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