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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, prospective clients come to us with urgent questions, or clients come to us with non-urgent, but important questions. Our job is to find the answers as quickly as possible to get you on the right track, or to put your mind at ease. Your questions are important to us. Here are several that are often asked:

  • Will my money last during my lifetime, no matter how ill I become, and how do I figure that out?
  • I have no way of judging whether I'm spending too much time or too little time on investment matters. Can you guide me on the essential points to consider when a statement arrives about my portfolio?
  • How will my spouse know what to do when I die?
  • I don't want to disinherit my child, but she can't manage money. What should I do?
  • All three of my children want the beach house. They can't buy one another out. Can you suggest a strategy?
  • What is wealth transfer? If it means getting my money to the right places so I can guarantee that my wishes are followed, how do I make that happen?
  • Can you help me prepare my children to accept the responsibilities of wealth?
  • Can I transfer my values and ethics through my wealth transfer planning?
  • I have paid no attention to the tax implications of my estate. Can you help?
  • My life and financial goals may change as I age. Can I create an investment and estate plan that gives me the ultimate in flexibility?

We'll use these as the starting point in our first consultation with you. In each instance, the answer is yes, Pearson Financial Services can help with all of your needs. Please feel free to add to this list and bring your additions with you for that first meeting.


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