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About Pearson Financial Services

Pearson Financial Services, founded 36 years ago, coordinates all of your family’s wealth-related needs. Under one roof, we offer you an integrated wealth managed process with recommendations to meet your investment, tax, and estate planning needs.

We are educators. We help you learn what you don’t know and then apply what you learn. We specialize in helping families successfully meet the challenges of growing, protecting and distributing their wealth. PFS was designed to provide a full breadth of financial services for generations to come and as young professionals gain experience, our promise of continuity is achieved.

We are large enough to provide all the resources you need, but small enough to give you the highest level of personal service. We are independent. We have no financial obligations to anyone except our clients. Our compensation depends upon the success of your investment program or upon fees charged for professional services we provide on your behalf.

You remain in charge of your assets as our team helps you make informed and educated decisions to preserve your wealth and secure your family’s future.


Contact us to begin charting your best course to a financially secure tomorrow